How To Know What You Need in a Business Hosting for Your Website

Starting a new business can take a huge amount of planning. First you create a business plan, rework that plan, decide on funding options, and then decide on distribution channels. One part of the planning that businesses cannot go without today is that of creating and maintaining a website. When consumers are looking for products and services in today’s marketplace, they turn to Internet search engines such as Google to point them in the right direction. This means that you will want to have a website ready to launch when you start your business. There are more considerations when building a business website than when creating just a personal blog, of course. There is much more at stake. So, let’s take a look at web hosting and what a business may need in the way of a web presence.

For business websites, it is advisable to hire a professional web developer to create your site. He or she will know what you need to create your brand online and to not only attract visitors, but to also turn those visitors into customers. Web hosting is one of the areas your developer will want to talk to you about, so it is important that you have at least a cursory understanding of what web hosting is. Think of your website as a book. You can write a book, but no one will be able to read it if is not in a bookstore or library. Web hosting works the same way. You will need a web host where you will store the all of the files that represent each of your website pages. You will be able to see your Website without hosting, just as you would be able to read a book you have written. However, without business hosting, your business website will not be able to be seen by others, much like your book will not be read by others unless it is in a bookstore or library.

It is true that there are avenues such as WordPress or Drupal where most people can create a distinctive site and have it up in running in minutes. However, with a business website, business hosting is a much better option. Business sites need more security, especially if you will be offering online ordering, and they must be able to handle the traffic that is coming in to the website. Purchasing business hosting can carry a heftier price tag than one of the other, simple sites, but you need to remember that business hosting will often come with a wealth of other tools to help you maintain your website and target your specific audience. These tools are imperative to your business. Your competition has them, and you need them, too.
A quick Internet search will bring a good number of business hosting options to your fingertips. Take your time in deciding which host will work best for you. Look at the bandwidth that is offered (meaning, in essence, how many people can access your site at the same time), security, and what other administrative tools are available from the business hosting company. Look at how many email addresses will be available to you and think about how many you will need (sales@mywebsite, manager@mywebsite, techsupport@mywebsite, etc.). Another important consideration, especially if you are not as tech savvy as some, is the availability of support personnel. If you have an issue at 3am, is there someone there to help you? Sit down and make a list of the things you expect your website to do. Then make a list of possible business hosting solutions. Contact them all and find the best options for what you need to do to grow your business.