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HostGator is one of the more widely used providers, with over nine million domains under its provision. WordPress hosting through HostGator has some ideal startup features, with a focus on immediacy of start-up, ease of construction, and good security rankings. While there are a number of plans that are competitively priced to meet different website needs, HostGator’s wordpress options do lean strongly towards small businesses marketing and the promotion newer internet entrepreneurs. These can, however, be ideal for brick and mortar businesses who wish to expand their customer base with a minimal amount of effort and the assurance of ease of managing information.


WordPress hosting through HostGator has different features depending upon the level of plan that a client chooses. All the plans do include basic functionality considerations, including:

  • One click installation
  • Customizable themes
  • Plug-ins
  • Instant wordpress updates
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth

HostGator also includes private security certificates to facilitate ecommerce with some of the upper tier packages, although all hosting version do include at least a shared SSL. The wordpress templates allow for easy site design, and packages which include provisions for payment of sales will also walk the user through setting up secure checkouts. Hosting provisions are up to date and actually exceed wordpress specs, so files can be quickly managed and modified. The simplicity of setup and most current wordpress compatibility make allows for easy site creation and implementation.

Speed And Security

The unlimited disk space and bandwidth makes for quick up-loads and the ability to manage large files and data caches. Higher level plans also include private security certificates and IP addresses for greater runtime features. Anti-spam firewalls are a standard on any package, and updates to this software are run regularly. Sub-domains and anonymous FTP are also options for higher level packages, which cater more to businesses, while basic packages are designed to maintain backup files and keep data safe for basic blogging.


HostGator is a popular solution for many wordpress needs, and can boast a 99.9% uptime for the websites they support. Customer service is also available at any time, should a client run into issues with technical aspects of loading data or site functionality. This will also address the off-chance that there is a server issue, although HostGator does utilize Apache, PHP, and MySQL for shared and dedicated hosting, which can allow for faster data migration in case of hardware failure.

HostGator has a good track record for wordpress hosting and is able to guarantee website uptime through technical support and hardware abilities. This makes for a dependable provider with any of the available hosting packages.

Editor’s Conclusions

HostGator offers a very solid wordpress hosting option that allows users to quickly and easily launch their websites. Much of the data management and more advanced security is reserved for higher tier packages. This makes HostGator more geared towards casual blogging and promoting, although they do accommodate small businesses with higher level hosting packages. One of HostGator’s greatest strengths is the ability to provide fast and simple to navigate results for users of any level.

3 User Reviews

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    Average Rating: (5 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    I thought it would be hard to decide on a wordpress hosting package, but HostGator has the perfect solution for anyone.

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    Average Rating: (3.9 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    The unlimited bandwidth and storage space is a definite plus for HostGator’s wordpress hosting.

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    Average Rating: (5 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    HostGator has so many great themes for their wordpress hosting. I love how simple it is to design a page.

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