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MediaTemple gives users an expert ability to control their websites with wordpress hosting. This provider is best known for current formats and upgrades to the popular software, while presenting control panels that are easy to navigate but also give clients professional features. Optimization of speed and processing is also one of the strong points for MediaTemple, while a focus on creativity and design allows for very customizable wordpress hosting. This provider has a single package that includes all of their accommodations, which can make it simple for many users to trust that they are gaining the functions they need from their wordpress host.


One practical feature that MediaTemple offers to clients is the option for three wordpress installs, which can allow for control and management from a variety of locations. For many small businesses, this factor can simplify website management, as it allows for administrators to access content and emails from a variety of workspaces. The one click install also includes an easy to navigate control panel which lets users manage files, emails, data, and tools for site development from one screen. This can facilitate use and updating of content, and make for more efficient productivity.

MediaTemple also includes integrated emails, templates and design tools, and automatic back-up for data. Updates to wordpress are instantly installed, and provide a seamless process for users. This includes security features and firewalls, as well as software coding. For wordpress hosting, MediaTemple includes 20GB of storage as a standard, with extra data space as needed to allow companies to grow.

Speed And Security

The unlimited bandwidth can accommodate high traffic on websites, while hardware is networked for optimized functionality. This is done with state of the art servers and software protocols which use layered caching. The network designs will balance data storage between servers to allow for quick uploads and data transfers.

Automatic back-up of data files helps to ensure that information is not lost, and that the user does not need to manually attend to this task. Firewalls and malware plug-ins are included in the package and can be modified, enhanced, or renewed based on client needs. This gives strong security for information, but also lets the client have control over this process based on individual needs.


Continual optimization of server networks allows clients who choose MediaTemple for wordpress hosting strong functionality and minimal downtime for websites. The load balance between servers ensures that pages will be accessible and will perform as planned. Updates such as Apache, MySQL 5.5, and PHP 5.4 also guarantee site access, while technical support teams are available to aid clients with any issues. This makes for a strong network with good support.

Editor’s Comments

MediaTemple provides users with a solid wordpress hosting choice that has an all inclusive package. One of the strongest features for this provider is the control panel set up, and the multiple installations. While MediaTemple is a well rounded wordpress host, clients will want to be aware that further features, greater data storage, and support may be added at a price, which can make for decisions in coverage that will need to be addressed as a business grows.

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