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MyHosting has offered businesses a way to fully manage their website hosting without needing to invest in a dedicated server or on-site hardware for functionality. VPS cloud hosting through MyHosting lets businesses configure elements and features to best suit their needs and use. The company offers a package of standard inclusions that can then be modified and utilized as needed for greater productivity at a cost effective rate. In providing technical support for the hardware, MyHosting still leaves software performance to the business for a highly individualized but physically supported VPS cloud hosting service.

Features And Benefits

MyHosting gives clients the ability to run VPS cloud hosting on state of the art hardware that is maintained at optimal conditions. This provides clients with standard access to

  • Eight remotely located processors
  • 512 MB of RAM and 20 GB of storage space (upgradable)
  • Transfer speeds of 300 GB
  • Recovery abilities and backup
  • Private IP address
  • Full root access
  • Security including antivirus and anti-spam provisions

This set-up supports a number of OS from Linux to Centos to Microsoft, and includes SiteBuilder for easy web design and construction. Control panel features let the website administrator manage files with simplicity and edit content for updates and functionality.

The intriguing aspect of VPS cloud hosting through MyHosting is that the client also gets to determine the settings and configurations of the software on the servers, in order to free up space or speed, depending on needs. Customizable VPS cloud hosting can be very cost effective from package rates to usage, and gives the client greater control over how their websites are managed.


MyHosting is highly reliable, with a 99.9% uptime average on website support and precision care for hardware. They also provide customers with technical and service advice in order to improve effectiveness of the custom settings.

Fully Managed

VPS cloud hosting through MyHosting is not fully managed, since the software functions and use of features are determined by the client. This provider will maintain actual hardware and manage direct networking issues within the server facility. Other aspect of the VPS cloud hosting will need to be manually monitored and adjusted as per the client in order to stay in keeping with their requirements.

MyHosting will ensure hardware functionality and will also give technical advice and customer support at any to guide clients through any issues with software settings that may need expert advice for management. This can still allow the client to retain custom configurations and settings while receiving the necessary knowledge to retain control over the VPS cloud hosting capabilities and features.

Editor’s Conclusions

This intriguing approach to VPS cloud hosting can be highly applicable for many businesses that have strong technical knowledge and programming background. The ability to utilize configurations can facilitate productivity and efficiency, so long as the client is comfortable in performing these tasks and adding upkeep to the management list. This also makes the service very cost effective, but it is not as well suited to companies that are less familiar with the effects of setting changes. MyHosting does offer quality hardware for high performance, but the management option for customization may not be universally applicable.

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    The ability to fully customize settings and function for my VPS cloud host through MyHosting really appeals to being able to put my tech knowledge to use.

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    The ability to have access to web statistic through MyHosting VPS cloud services has improved our website management and functionality.

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