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SiteGround offers managed wordpress hosting, which gives users the ability to design and control their own website with expert support from the provider. The managed hosting option is utilized by clients who are new to website building, or have programming experience. SiteGround gives people a very personalized and collaborative option for basic blogging and for business launching with a minimal amount of time and effort. The combination of technological experience and wordpress tools makes SiteGround a popular and reliable provider with strong customer support.


As a managed wordpress host, SiteGround includes the features that make the software such a popular format. This includes one-click installation, domain names, and templates. SiteGround also offers technical support and a wider range of management for aspects such as

  • cPanel and data management
  • Cross continent servers
  • Plug-ins, including security
  • Auto back-up
  • Automatic updates to software codes
  • Unlimited email and data
  • Account isolation

SiteGround wordpress hosting will also transfer existing web content with no loss of runtime, and technical support teams will help to install features for client management, as well as give tutorials on use. Even though this is a managed wordpress host, SiteGround can also provide clients with the freedom to have control for data staging and caching.

Speed And Security

SiteGround is ranked highly for both security and speed. Along with account isolation, the automatic data backup ensures that information is never lost, and is also securely monitored. The hardware that SiteGround utilizes will identify and manage threats on the server level, and these protocols are checked regularly. The hardware also facilitates the speed of data storage and transfers, with different server locations on three continents. This prevents bottlenecks by using layered caches and moving information between 23 location based on usage and traffic for any given website.


SiteGround can boast that their managed wordpress hosting has almost no downtime, and this is largely due to the set up of the different server networks and the utilization of CDN for transfers. The technical support teams offer client services as well as hardware monitoring and maintenance to give users an overall positive experience that ensures website functionality.

All of these factors also ensure that clients are immediately alerted to an potential issues and are able to work with the support teams in order to determine the a solution. Often, host server migration will occur automatically, and potential risks are eliminated before they even become a factor. This can allow for unlimited site visits without an incursion on functionality

Editor’s Comments

SiteGround’s managed wordpress hosting is highly reliable and easy to use. The great level of customer support can circumnavigate many potential pitfalls for newer users, but can also give experienced web businesses better peace of mind and greater efficiency in terms of technical issues. This set up is ideal for small and larger companies, with high security standards and larger options for data storage. Many beginning website launchers like the added simplicity of having a team of experts to call upon for trouble shooting and design collaborations.

5 User Reviews

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    Average Rating: (5 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    The prices and inclusions for SiteGround wordpress hosting are really amazing. It’s a great choice for getting started or upgrading.

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    Average Rating: (5 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    I was really impressed with the tools that SiteGround offers to make my wordpress pages run even better.

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    Average Rating: (5 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    SiteGround has some of the best support I’ve ever used, and it really helped getting my wordpress site started.

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    Average Rating: (4.1 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    I was really impressed at how fast SiteGround is for getting technical issues squared away. This made the experience for me.

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    Average Rating: (5 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    I love the cPanel feature for SiteGround wordpress hosting. I helps me manage my files so I can optimize speed and performance.

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