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Intersverver offers clients a cost effective way to utilize VPS cloud hosting that includes a number of inclusive features, but also allows clients to base their plan rates entirely on the amount of storage, speed, and transfers ability that is required. This company has over fourteen years of experience with networking and site hosting, and came up with the effective idea that functionality should be standard, while capacity can determine package rates for VPS cloud hosting. This allows customers to make a confident decision on hosting plans, but also lets them upgrade quickly for improved file storage and website expansion.

Features And Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of Interserver VPS cloud hosting is the fact that the storage and transfer capacities can be upgraded at any time. This allows businesses to adjust their online budgeting, but also to increase capabilities if site traffic and commerce is high. This flexibility is a strong selling point as are the different support platforms for Linux or Centos OS.

Each version includes a fast launch time, and easy to navigate control panel for ease of managing files, emails, and other website necessities. Redundant storage, automatic cloud backup, and root access also ensure site security and preserves stored files from corruption.

Along with these security features to keep the business protected, productivity and efficiency factors are also included. One public IP address and Ipv6 addresses also improve the site functionality through these hosting features, and allow for businesses to make good use of their web presence.


Interserver can guarantee a 99.9% up time average for their VPS cloud hosted websites, and this is further bolstered by strong technical and customer support. Clients can access this guidance at any point in time, and email, telephone, and online chat availability can all aid in trouble shooting any issues with functionality on the website.

Fully Managed

Interserver does offer fully managed VPS cloud hosting, and while the technical provisions do allow for automatic installation by the client, Interserver will still manage any of the software that they provided. If a customer decides to include an upgrade to a cPanel or Direct Admin, then the VPS cloud host provider would attend to any upgrades, issues, or changes that may happen with that function.

For customers who stick with the features of the basic OS, then the provider would attend to that, but not any add-ons that were separately loaded from another source. Fully managed VPS cloud hosting means that clients can have peace of mind that system functionality is handled by the provider, while content and file management focus can stay centered with the business itself. This results in a more efficient use of time and greater productivity that is not contingent upon internal corrections or manual updates.

Editor’s Conclusion

Interserver gives clients a very cost effective way to utilize VPS cloud hosting for their business site, and to have the option to easily upgrade for higher traffic and data transfer. The inclusive features show a well rounded host provider, and the full management of software gives greater technical support for greater worth.

2 User Reviews

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    The public IP address and the Ipv6 addresses that come with the VPS cloud hosting through Interserver have opened up a lot more productivity for our website.

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    Average Rating: (4 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    The fully managed VPS cloud hosting through Interserer has helped our company stay focused on our end of website management, while they handle all the software needs.

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