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iPage is well established for combining technology with practical applications for greater productivity. This reputation has earned the hosting provider over one million customers who are supported by an iPage service, and VPS cloud hosting is becoming more popular with many businesses. This is because it offers a cost effective way to gain the storage space and transfer speeds of a dedicated server without the added cost or wasted function. VPS cloud hosting through iPage uses a standard set of features, but allows client to determine the amount of memory and bandwidth that will suit immediate needs. It also lets businesses scale their usage based on website demands for a more efficient use of time and technology.

Features And Benefits

All iPage VPS cloud hosting packages include the ability to have the host service and website instantly implemented, and allows for customization in the server configurations. This produces greater productivity and ease of application, while still retaining key features to allow for full functionality.

The scaling options for iPage VPS cloud hosting start at 40 GB of storage and 1 TB of transfer speed but can go as high as 120 GB of storage and 4 TB of bandwidth. While this will change the cost rate of the hosting plan, it will not change the standard features.

Inclusions such as cPanel for managing content and site administration and optional root access are all a part of the VPS cloud hosting packages. Mirrored SAN storage, effective allocation of resources, and the ease of scaling up to higher packages without loss time for the website are all a part of the overall provisions. This gives clients a high amount of control over both the website itself and the support that is offered by the VPS cloud host.


The ratings for reliability with iPage hosting are extremely high. A 99.9% up time is the average for the websites they support, and further accommodations for seamless function come from the use of wind power to address power outages or fluctuations in electricity which could affect the server banks. This makes iPage a trusted host provider that is favored by many companies.

Fully Managed

VPS cloud hosting from iPage is a fully managed service, which means that back-ups, security scans, and software maintenance are handled by the host provider. This can often lead not only to better network management but also to more reliable host functions. Even though clients have the ability to customize settings within the standard features of the VPS cloud hosting plans, these will not be negatively affected by the software management. Often, this function can optimize applications and lead to a better use of resources.

Editor’s Conclusions

iPage’s VPS cloud hosting offers a simple yet effective solution for increased capacity and transfer speed for business websites. The customizable standard services along with fully managed hosting gives clients a top quality service at reasonable price gradients. Giving companies the chance to start at smaller storage increments and work up based on need can often lead to better overall budgeting and a more comprehensive understanding of technological demands.

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    The iPage VPS cloud hosting plans make it rally simple to base your decision on storage and speed and not have to lose features.

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