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MediaTemple has a strong track record as a solid website host provider that is particularly oriented to making business presence on the internet a more manageable task. Hosting provisions give customers a number of server and storage options, and VPS cloud hosting can offer cost effective ways of supporting good security features and high transfer speeds. Innovation has been a focal point for MediaTemple from hardware configurations to software management, and with over fifteen years of hosting experience they offer clients choices that can facilitate website management and overall functionality.

Features And Benefits

VPS cloud hosting through MediaTemple gives businesses two main choices that can hinge on application, and programming skills. The first choice is highly functional and designed to support developed web pages with features that include RAM, storage, and bandwidth scaling ranges. This version allows administrators to choose from cPanel or Plesk management.

One click installation for applications can improve functionality and over 200 are available to customize the abilities of the VPS cloud hosting capabilities. Both control panels allow for security updates, backing up data, and making content changes from remote locations, so that administrators are not tied to their desk

The second VPS cloud hosting that is available through MediaTemple is specifically designed for developers to give them the ability to customize site designs and function, and make changes that will benefit business efficiency. This version allows for modifications from the control panel, but gives developers a choice of Linux code.


MediaTemple has a 99.999% effective uptime for websites, with changes to web pages that are able to be instantly published after editing. State of the art servers provide high transfer rates and security setting for the network address potential threats that are not caught in manual scans.

Fully Managed

While MediaTemple provides personalized customer and technical support with both versions of the VPS cloud hosting, the first version can become fully managed as an inclusive option for efficiency. This means that IT engineers will regulate software updates and functionality that is outside of the scope of the control panel features or that is an internal update that needs to be run before it is recognized through the control panel. This can also include functionality of the management systems, and MediaTemple offers around the clock services to take care these needs with the basic business version of VPS cloud hosting.

The developer’s version of VPS cloud hosting is not fully managed, although technical support is still offered and customer service can trouble shoot issues that have arisen from scans and software upgrades. Since the developer version of VPS cloud hosting is meant to allow the client greater control over capacity of the web host in terms of site function, the fully managed option does not apply.

Editor’s Conclusions

Both VPS cloud hosting plans through MediaTemple are comprehensive and intuitively structured to meet different needs. The basic version covers administrative concerns and offers integral support to keep storage and transfer speeds at optimal performance. The developer version is an applicable choice in many industries, and comparative pricing allows businesses to make decisions based on their own website managers and developers.

3 User Reviews

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    The ease of scaling that we have with the VPS cloud hosting through MediaTemple has been a great asset to our business.

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    Average Rating: (5 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    The two versions of VPS cloud hosting the MediaTemple offers makes it great for different website functions. As a designer, I was really excited when my company went with the DV version.

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    Average Rating: (4.1 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    The one click installations for MediaTemple’s VPS cloud hosting platform have made a huge difference in optimizing performance with ease.

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