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SiteGround VPS cloud hosting gives users the unique opportunity to experience an innovative platform that can offer some of the highest transference speeds available. This provider is known for technology development and customer support that creates collaborative relationships to address consumer needs. In answer to the storage space and bandwidth that facilitates optimal website hosting for businesses, SiteGround generated a cloud based VPS that works on cached information to optimize results. SiteGround hosting packages have quality and reliable performance records that supply as much as 1TB of bandwidths even at the most basic level to give clients staggering upload speeds and function at immensely reasonable costs.

Features And Benefits

SiteGround has several package tiers for memory, storage and transfer speed, but overall inclusions are also a strength of this VPS cloud hosting provider. Daily automatic backups and cloud storage ensures that clients will not suffer any downtime or data loss, will security scans are also performed daily in order to minimize threats and contain them. Security certificates, IP addresses, and domain registration also makes website set up and management simpler through the VPS cloud hosting option.

SiteGround’s most powerful features come in the form of optimization. The impressive speed of transfer is available at any tier, and is backed by a number of data centers that balance the information in order to always provide quick uploads. This can be further enhanced with add-ons like Joomla and proprietary optimization.

SiteGround also gives customers an intuitively designed cPanel or WHM for better file management. Administrators are able to handle all website related tasks from a single screen and from remote locations, so that manual security check, editing, and email tasks are all easily handled. Customer support includes both technical and practical concerns, and may be accessed by phone, email, or live chat at any time of day.


SiteGround has state of the art hardware and innovative network configurations to increase speed and security, as well as maintain software integrity. Their VPS cloud hosting services have a 99.9% uptime for websites, and also give instant upload even after transfers and edits. Their customer care is also strong, and builds trust for clients.

Fully Managed

SiteGround is a fully managed VPS cloud hosting provider, which means that along with maintaining hardware at the data centers, they will also tend to software issues and add-on installations. Along with backing up data and performing systems security scans, they will also attend to updates and any code corruption that could lead to software miscommunications. These aspects are beyond the technical a d service support that may be accessed, and gives clients a pro-active solution to unknown risks

Editor’s Conclusions

SiteGround not only has an innovative platforms that gives high speed transfer and good storage capacity, but their tier pricing makes it easier for businesses to switch to VPS cloud hosting and still have the option to scale service based on need. This gives a good hosting solution that is reliable and affordable, with customizable add-ons to suit client demands.

2 User Reviews

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    Average Rating: (4.8 Out Of 5)
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    Even though our VPS cloud hosting is fully managed, I really love the SiteGround customer care team for being so attentive any time I need help.

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    Average Rating: (4.9 Out Of 5)
    Recommended: Yes

    Our company opted for the WHM panes with SiteGround VPS hosting, and it has made website management so simple with everything right where I need it to do my job.

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