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WestHost is a smaller hosting provider that supplies quality support at reasonable prices. Many of their packages include a number of standard features, and VPS cloud hosting through WestHost includes many benefits that are consistent through the storage and bandwidth tiers. This provider is known for customer support and guidance, but is also rated at well for security and reliability. WestHost can give customers stronger backing for their business websites at a reasonable rate and with the chance to scale support based on demands. With US based tech support and a satisfaction guarantee, WestHost has viable options for VPS cloud hosting.

Features And Benefits

While the greatest differences in VPS cloud hosting packages through WestHost are storage, memory, and transfer capabilities each range still runs at the same network speed of 1 GigE, which gives businesses superb functionality for uploading and response time on their websites. This feature is coupled with the benefits of unlimited emails, free back up, security certificates, and a private IP address for safe ecommerce options and data maintenance.

Further features include a multitude of web hosting tools, design support, and data center information. VPS cloud hosting through WestHost will also give businesses the ability to analytics in order to assess website function and effectiveness, for better professional reach and promotions. These factors add to the quality hardware and networking that is the foundation of WestHost VPS cloud hosting, to create a complete and easy to maintain set of resources.

Control panel access also gives the site administrator full control over file management and editing, plus the ability to remotely monitor security and update considerations. This easy to navigate tool can also aid in assessing the amount of resources that should be allocated to website hosting to make the most out of the VPS cloud support.


WestHost has provided networking solutions since 1998, and is classified as a high tier for both security and website uptime. This can offer clients peace of mind as to VPS cloud hosting management but also provide great insight into the degree of reliability that this provider brings to the equation. Experienced and individualized customer support also raises trust in WestHost as a provider, and satisfaction ratings from other consumers are very positive.

Fully Managed

WestHost’s VPS cloud hosting services are fully managed and address potential issues in a proactive manner. Not only are software updates attended to and security scans run on a regular basis, but data center technicians will also take the time to inspect hardware and software for potential issues that can arise over time. This may include failures in systems communications, code corruptions, and even clashing updates that neglected to automatically uninstall before the new version was loaded. By paying keen attention to client habits and website data histories, technicians can also advise customers of possible trends in the website administration that can affect the VPS cloud hosting services.

Editor’s Conclusions

WestHost has a solid reputation and competitive prices for the amount of features that are include in the VPS cloud hosting package. This makes the option ideal for many businesses, and added customer support as well as full network management increases the quality that is offered by this provider.

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