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VPS.net is an offshoot of a larger technology and network provider with global ties. This VPS cloud hosting provider started offering consumer services for website hosting in 2009 and has since expanded its client base to over a million customers and 18 data center locations for remote information storage and hosting provisions. VPS.net gives clients a unique array of features along with the boosted speed and larger storage space, but also lets business customize their services. This makes VPS cloud hosting through VPS.net highly affordable and personalized.

Features And Benefits

Along with choosing the amount of bandwidth and storage, customer can also specify the OS and even give location information to receive added support. All of the packages that VPS.net has will allow for deployment almost instantly after the installation is complete. The customization aspect also includes being able to add different tools and resources to better support the business website. This feature of VPS.net VPS cloud hosting gives businesses a chance to experience the services and make need based determinations from there.

Control panel options are also a feature that clients can decide on, based on how they wish to manage their website. Pre-configured themes also give a choice of determining how well the different formats suit the client needs. Automated task management will also cover concerns such as reboots, back-ups, and updates.


VPS.net is ranked very highly for performance with an average of 99.9% uptime on VPS cloud hosted websites. Up to date hardware also supports the network configurations which are designed to include redundancies in order to pro-actively avert any form of hazard or malfunction. This also includes security and systemic scans to eliminate threats.

Fully Managed

VPS.net offers the option for fully managed VPS cloud hosting, although, even if a client opt out of that feature, the system is still semi-managed by the provider. This includes automatic updates and re-sizing, as well as maintaining the software that supports the hosted website.

The fully managed inclusion allows for VPS.net to take over more of the maintenance tasks from the client and allows for businesses to have a stronger focus on the actual function and content of their websites. Either choice has the benefit of technical support, and customer services that go beyond these management tasks give consumers the ability to gain guidance and support at any time of day. As with other customizable aspects of VPS cloud hosting through VPS.net, clients also have the ability to change their fully managed or semi-managed status should the need arise.

Editor’s Conclusions

VPS.net offers consumers the ability to access a VPS cloud hosting service for their website that gives consumer control but still offers the appropriate support. With competitive pricing, the packages include many features that can make managing a website easier, but also have a focus on the power and higher upload times for VPS cloud hosting. The OS options can also make a big difference to many clients, in order to ensure that their base systems are supported, and that software miscommunications will not result in downtime.

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    VPS.net not only boosted our upload speeds, but they had hosting ability up and running just seconds after installation.

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    Average Rating: (5 Out Of 5)
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    At first I just went for the standard system management for our VPS cloud hosting, but now that we switched to fully managed, runtime is so much simpler.

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