Your Website and Why You Should Care About Bandwidth

The world has become digital, and it will only continue to become more digital as years go by. For business owners, this means, in order to be taken seriously, to capture their share of the market, they must have an online presence of some sort. They need to have a Website. This means you need to have a Website, too. When people are looking for a business today, they turn to their computer, smartphone, or tablet, using a search engine such as Google to find the products and services they need or want. That means, if you don’t have a website, your business probably won’t come up at the top of the search list, and you won’t get the market share that is rightfully yours.

Let’s face it – you probably are not a web developer. You are an expert at your business, but not at website building. You may have no idea how a website it built or the amount of traffic any one site can get at any given time on any given day. This is the concept of bandwidth. Bandwidth is nothing more than the amount of traffic that your site is capable of handling without crashing or freezing. Bandwidth hosting is the number of visits that can occur on your site versus the rest of the internet.

Basically, the internet consists of millions of computing devices linked together by thousands of networks. The traffic on these networks are regulated by bandwidth. Only so much traffic can access any given network at a time. That means that only so much traffic, or customers, can access your website at a time, based on the bandwidth of your site. Truly, your website is nothing more than a series of files sitting on a huge computer someplace known as a server. Only so much traffic can come into that server. Bandwidth hosting ensures that more of your customers or potential customers will be able to access the information they need about your business at any point in time. You purchase bandwidth from your bandwidth host, which allows your website to have more traffic and more visitors at one time.

In explaining bandwidth in everyday terms, most people liken it to the traffic we all deal with on the highways and freeways every day. Imagine the freeway on which you may travel to work every day. That is the same thing as bandwidth. There is only so much space on the road. If too many cars attempt to access the road at the same time, there can be a traffic jam. It is the same with your website. If you don’t have enough bandwidth, visitors will run into a virtual traffic jam where your pages won’t load or your site will freeze when they attempt to access it. If you have an ecommerce site, then, it may be wise to purchase as big of a “freeway” (or as much bandwidth) as you can. If you have a small site or blog for your family or dedicated to a hobby, a simply country road (or a small amount of bandwidth) may be more practical. Take a look at what you expect to achieve with your site. That will tell you how much bandwidth you may need. Then look into bandwidth hosting to help keep all of your visitors to your website happy and coming back.